Stories of the search

Stories of the search

Polina Nikolaeva

A lawyer Fyodor Shabanov, who achieved rehabilitation of the de-kulakizated great-grandfather and compensation for the property that had been taken away, told us about his exirience of archival investigations that became a fight for human rights 

Fyodor Kharitonovitsch Dostovalov (holding a baby) with a friend Aleksandr Ischimcev and his children, about 1959-1960 year.
Svetlana Shuranova

I tried out different strategies of searching for information about the deceased ones: in archives of registration offices, in archival documents of the Moscow City Committee, but the first real results I got when going through medical statistics from 1953. 

Natalya Nikulenkova

The interview with the archival researcher and blogger Sergey Prudovsly, looking for documents and evidence on repressions and fighting for a legal access to them

Sergey Bondarenko

”I’m going to meet my close relative for the first time – and get there at the moment he’s dying”. The history of the arrest and repressing of David Kartashev, who became an object of speculations, guesses and arguments among his descendants.

David Kartashev